Friday, 12 September 2014

#Food Tec! ^-^

Every Tuesdays, classes 1, 3 and 5 go to Tamaki College for tec. Tamaki College is the only college that is included in the Maniakalani learning program, so Tamaki College really helps all primary schools that are in Maniakalani. So one of the things that they do with us is, tec.

Tec has 3 different classes that are, food, hard materials and designs. The class that I am in now is the very class that I will be in for this year. I'm in cooking, my teachers name is Miss Heka, and she is soo funny. Today was my very first day with her and I was super excited.

We cooked enchiladas, we had to get into groups of three and the girls didn't want to go with the boys so most of the girl groups were in twos but Miss Heka thought it was fine. One of the girl groups were myself and Mao. Mao is one of my best friends, so I was happy for who I got.

My highlight was doing the dishes =D I can't wait to go again. I hope we cook something nice again.

HannahT signing out - bye!

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