Monday, 13 October 2014

#Niuean Language Week! *-*

This week is Niuean language week and I am going to be teaching you some Niuean facts and Niuean words. I am Niuean myself, I am from the village Alofi. I am going to be writting a blogpost everyday of this week about Niuean Language week. I am going to start with some facts about Niue.

5 Facts about Niue:
1. Did you know that English and Niuean is the most spoken languages in Niue.
2. Did you know that Niue has 10 villages?
3. Did you know that more Niueans live in New Zealand than in Niue?
4. Did  you know while most Niueans live in New Zealand, there are only 1500 Niuans living in Nuie? Counting up every person from every village.
5. Did you know that you can drive around Niue in less than a day?

More to come... HannahT signing out - koe kia (Goodbye in Niuean)

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