Wednesday, 23 July 2014

#Immersion Assembly =D

As you all know the holidays are over, so that means school’s starting! Today is the first day of school and so far its been a relaxed day. Every start of the term, we have Immersion Assembly’s. So in the morning, we had an immersion assembly.

First up was Team 1’s Performance. Team 1 had a movie and it was about the Glasgow Commonwealth games. The teachers were pretending that they were Athletes from around the world. Miss Lal was from Fiji, Miss Rapold was from South Africa, Mrs Moala was from Samoa, Miss Wild was from New Zealand and Mrs George was pretending to be the queen. I liked how they were pretending to be athletes from around the world.

Team 2’s performance was about them also pretending to be athletes but they were also pretending to play the different sports. Miss Eadie was pretending to play shot put and Miss Dwyer was pretending to throw a javelin. My favourite part from their performance was Miss She challenging Miss Eadie for boxing and Miss She won.

For Team 3’s Performance, they were talking about one of the sports the do in the commonwealth games, it is called “Gymnastics” Mrs Barks was talking about how they dance and what items they would need. Miss King, Miss Thomson, Miss Walters and Miss Nalder. As Mrs Barks was talking, all you could see is the other teachers dancing at the back of her. My favourite part was watching Miss King do a flip.

Team 4’s performance was soo funny. They had a video clip, and it was about them creating a new sport named “Potato Sculpture” The contestants were.....Miss Lavakula from India, Miss Garden from the Cook Islands, Mr Goodwin from Jamaica and Miss Ouano from Scotland. At the end of the day, Miss Garden got disqualified and Mr Goodwin won by making a snowman out of mashed potato.

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