Tuesday, 29 July 2014

#Plant and Food Research =:=

Today, my class and I went into the street for some really special visitors. Their names were, Jacob, Laura and Lara.. They came to our school to teach us some scientific things about plants and food. We weren’t the only class that went, we also went with, class 3 and 4. When they finally got ready, we got into the first experiment.

First they needed, cabbage juice, vinegar and Mr Muscle. Laura was talking about how the purple cabbage will turn into different colours like, pink or dark green. The pink colour stood for acid, and the green colour, stood for base (basic) The first one we tested was the vinegar, so Laura poured the cabbage juice into a long tube and then she poured . As soon as she put the vinegar into the cabbage juice , it turned red straight away. So then we all screamed out “ACID!” Meanwhile,  she quickly poured Mr Muscle into the cabbage juice and it turned dark green. Then again all of us screamed “BASE!”

After that experiment we had another experiment, but it was better than the first one. For the next experiment we had to step back, because it included, dry ice. For the experiment they needed dry ice, gloves and water. So there was a big jug of water and then Jacob picked up the dry ice with his gloves and threw it into the jug. As soon as threw the dry ice there, there was a cloud of carbon dioxide sinking to the ground. Everyone was excited and said “Wow! I wanna do that one day!”

As soon as they finished talking, they asked us if we had any questions and nobody put their so I had to quickly do a thank you speech. When I finished saying thank you, we then said our goodbyes. My favourite part was watching them do the experiments. *o*

HannahT signing out- Luh Ya


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