Tuesday, 29 July 2014

#Favourite Commonwealth Sport!!

One of my favourite events from the Commonwealth Games is Netball. The team that I'm supporting is the Silver Ferns from NZ. The Silver Ferns are in Pool A and are coming second place.  They have played 3 games and won all 3.  The team that is coming first is Jamaica.  Jamaica has played 4 and has won all four of their games.  New Zealand and Jamaica are having a game tomorrow at 11:30 (New Zealand Time) and I think that this will be an exciting game.

The second team I'm supporting is, South Africa. South Africa is coming third in Pool B and they have played 3 games, won two games and lost one. My favourite player from South Africa is Zanele Vimbela. The reason why Zanele Vimbela is my favourite player, because she's the same position as me which is GK and she is a really good defender. The next game they're having is at 9:30 (NZ time), and they are playing against Australia.

Hopefully, my two teams come first in both Pools.

HannahT signing out - Bahaha!


  1. Hannah
    I think its great that you are supporting two teams in the Netball at the Commonwealth Games but why is South Africa your other choice from the other pool? Any particular reason for the team?
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.

  2. Hey Mr Webb =D

    The reason why South Africa is the other team i'm supporting is because, I don't like Australia and Canada. So then I choose, South Africa.

    From Hannah ^.*