Monday, 16 June 2014

#My Awesome Saturday ~.^

On Saturday, I went over to Leila's (my cousin's) house. It was her brother's birthday, and his name is Samuell. He turned, 13 yrs old. He invited his family and some of his friends. When I heard that I was going over to Samuell's birthday, I was sooo excited.

The first place we were going to was, the food court in Sylvia Park. So we walked to the food court and then we saw them eating sushi. When we finished our hello's, we were wondering where the boys were. Then we finally saw them walking to the warehouse. I was confused, because why would they be going to the warehouse? But then I remember playing tiggy with Samuell and James in the warehouse and then I clicked.

After eating, we went straight to paint ball. At first I didn't know what was happening, but then I saw us turning into the drive way of the paint ball building. When we went inside, my uncle asked me if I wanted to play. I was thinking about it because it looked soo scary. Then I said "OF COURSE!"

When I entered the room, we were going into our positions. There was a QLD's team and a NSW's team. I had to be in the QLD team because there were way to many people on NSW's team. As we were getting ready, we were listening to the instructions and changing the gears on the gun.

As soon as the horn went, all you heard was my cousin (James) screaming his head off. When I was trying to run to change the flag to maroon, Leila was shooting me on my chest pad. I was shooting everyone with a blue mask on and at times I got their mask.

After the game we had so much fun that my aunty (Helen) told us we had 2 more games and everyone was so happy. At the end of the day, I got hit three times. My highlight was coming equal with NSW.

HannahT signing out - Goodbye, Thumbs Up ^-^.


  1. Hi Hannah,

    You must have had a lot of fun playing paintball and playing tiggy at the warehouse. What was you most favorite part of the day? I loved how you put reactions into your stories. and the photos tell me you had lots and lots of fun! Keep the good work going!

  2. Hi Sose!

    I did have a lot of fun and playing tigy at the warehouse. My favorite part of the day was playing a xbox game at the end of the day. We took a lot of photo's. Thanks 4 commenting!