Monday, 30 June 2014

#Different Types Of Songs =D

For this blog post, I am going to be talking about my favourite songs from different artists. The types of artists I'm talking about are, T.L.C, Demi Lavato and Michelle Williams. The first group i'm going to be talking about is......T.L.C!!

T.L.C was really famous in the past and had have some awesome songs. T stands for, T-Boz, L stands for, Left Eye and C stands for, Chilli and that is how the name, T.L.C was made. Unfortunately Lisa Left Eye Lopez passed away in a car crash, it was really sad when the whole world heard about that. This song here is one of my favourite songs from T.L.C. The song is called, What About Your Friends.

Demi Lavato is one of my favourite artist because she has a really cool voice. The reason why I like this song is because I love the lyrics and the beat. This song is always on adds that appear on Youtube. I always sing this in the shower and its also really catchy.
 The song is called Really Don't Care.

Michelle Williams is a gospel artist that sings one of my favourite songs. The song is called, Say Yes. She was in a group called, Destiny Child. The thing I really like about the song, is the lyrics. Everyone sings the song all of the time at school. I could watch the music video over and over again, and I will never get tired of it.

So now that you've seen my favourite songs and artists, who is your favourite artists and songs?

HannahT signing out- Gooood Byyyyyyyee

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