Wednesday, 11 June 2014

#Marshmallow Challenge!! =P

This video here, is another one of me and Leila's movies. We created this movie on, IMovie. Leila and I were thinking about, what we could put together as a video. Then we thought about, challenges. We were thinking about what challenges we were going to do and what we needed, we thought about easy challenges.

When we finished deciding, we thought of doing 3 challenges. After all that thinking, we had to walk to Pak'in Save and buy what we needed. We had to get:
1. A big pack of marshmallows ( first challenge)
2. A packet of chocolate (second challenge)
3. A piece of dark chocolate (third challenge)

 As soon as we got back home, we got straight into it. We got the camera ready, we got the things ready and we got the background setting ready. When all of that was finished, we were finally rolling.

We were confident at first, but when we had to talk in front of the camera we froze like sticks and talked like robots. But we finally got there and made it. My highlight was trying to fit a lot of marshmallows in my mouth. Enjoy watching our video and make sure to comment and rate the video!

HannahT signing out - Tata!


  1. Haahaa, well Hannah I've enjoyed your blog soo much.:) Keep it up

  2. Lol! Thanks Serenity For Commenting On My Blog >.<