Monday, 17 February 2014


Our homework for class was brainnook and I had to finish off my activities. For my activities I had to get over 150 points, so I have to replay the activity over and over again.         

When I finished all my activities, a sign came up that said " You are now on level 5!""What!" I shouted to the computer. "What a waist of my time!" I said with a angry voice. All my friends are on level 11 or level 12 and all you see is "Hannah: Level 5" How embarrassing?! But ill still be trying my hardest. 

" I did it!" I shouted happily to myself. "I'm finally the highest student in my school in Math Whizz!" I shouted proudly with my arms in the air. I finally came first place  out of my school and I improved to going to 93 points, to 220 points. When I reached 100, I was asking myself " Should I stop or should I keep going? " But I wanted to come first in my school. So I kept on going.

When I reached 220, I stooped, took a screenshot and when straight on Brainnook. When ever I finished a game on Math Whizz, I would always check who would be first in my school. Then when I saw "1 HannahT30" I was so happy.


  1. What a fabulous achievement Hannah. I love the way you have talked me through it in this post. YOU are a Maths whizz :)

    Mrs Burt

  2. Hey Mrs Burt!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!