Monday, 3 February 2014

First Day Of School!

"HANNAH! GET UP AND GET READY FOR SCHOOL!" My grandma shouted in my ear. When I heard "School" I quickly got out of bed with my tired eyes, walking to my school clothes. Throwing on my T-shirt, I was asking "Are you sure there's school today?" Then my grandma answered "YES!" When I finished changing, I quickly ran into the car.

As we were driving, I was thinking about who my teacher was going to be? And which classes were my friends going to be in. When we arrived at school, I saw all of my friends going into the street (where the senior classes are). As I was walking to my friends, I saw Leila and her mum.

When Leila and I walked through the doors of the street, I saw a lot of eyes staring at us. I couldn't see my friends because I was at the back of everyone. After Mrs Nua told us the rules, she quickly called out the names of each child and in their class. I was in the last class that was called out, Room 5. My teachers name is Miss Paget.

As soon as the morning tea bell rang, I ran straight to my friends. "HANNAH!" all the girls shouted at the same time "HI! I missed you all!" I shouted back. We were talking and talking and talking until the bell rang. That was my awesome first day, How was yours?

HannahT- signing out!

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  1. Great start to your writing Hannah, beginning with direct speech makes it interesting for the reader and makes you want to read on.