Monday, 30 December 2013


Christmas is one of my favorite days. I love Christmas because there were heaps of presents, food and most of all family. This year we had our christmas at my house.

When the day had come I was so excited because I got to open one of my presents! Guess what it was? It was a Cannon camera! I was so happy because I love taking photo's.

As soon as I heard foot steps coming up the stairs, I yelled "They're here!" I quickly ran down stairs and helped to carry the food into the house. When everyone was inside we started to eat. There were all kinds of food like pasta, salads, meat and CHRISTMAS HAM. I made the ham with my mum, it was so sticky and fun to make.

After we ate we played christmas games. I was in charge of all the games which was cool. When the games finished we opened the presents. I got super super awesome presents! I got a waffle maker, ice cream maker, a scooter, sandals (beach stuff) and clothes.

My highlight was getting all those presents and spending time with my family.

Hannah signing out! :)

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