Sunday, 29 December 2013


As I was scrolling through some old videos, I saw a video that took place in 2012. This video is a dance I did with a group of girls from my church. There was a conference going on, so we did a performance. It was a Cook Island dance.                                         

My mum, my auntie and I were the choreographers. I was in charge with the music, My auntie was in charge of rehearsals and my mum was in charge of everything else. I would record the voice overs and look for some Cook Island beats on youtube. This conference was in the holidays so we had a lot of rehearsals.

 This is one of my favorite throw backs because I enjoyed creating it and had fun performing it. You might see some people you know. What is your favorite cultural dance?                                                 


  1. Amazing Hannah,
    I always knew you are the MAN at the Cook Island Hula. Way To Go !!! Keep it up.