Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Art Gallery

Walking into the doors of the art gallery all I saw were colours all over the place.The first thing I saw were the animals from room 5 and they were so cute. Stepping on to the stage, I saw the artwork of room 14. Their artwork is cool and it is very colorful.

But then I saw a picture that I liked and the person who painted it was Meleane To’a.She had painted a Jackson Pollock painting. Which is just a splash of paint everywhere on the paper.I liked her one because it was vibrant,abstract and cool.

When I saw my groups artwork I was very proud of making the artwork. Looking at the paintings felt like I was inside a colourful maze.My favourite part was going up on the stage and looking at the yrs 7 and 8 extension artwork of Hine.

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