Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Study Ladder! =p

"Ding!" I hear a strange noise from my laptop. As I was looking threw all my tabs, I could see my gmail tab was lighting up. " Yesss. Its a mail,please say its the one! Please please please!" I pleaded, as I was crossing my fingers. "Yay!" I shouted, as I was staring at my account for Study Ladder.

As I jumped onto my Study Ladder account, I quickly clicked on the activities button. There were so many games, I couldn't choose. But when I saw the music button, my heart was pounding 2x faster than usual. As I clicked the music button, I saw a lot of games with so many instrument's. But guess what? I couldn't play any of them, because I had to go to sleep -.-  

Study Ladder is another site that helps me with my maths, writing and reading. It also has cool games like, walk the plank, world series and much more. You even have a user that you can dress with cool costumes and you also have a alien pet.   

Now for maths, I can do my Study Ladder as well as math whizz! Hopefully, you will be reading more posts about maths! See Ya Later Alligators! HannahT signing out!


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