Monday, 14 April 2014


Walking threw a huge crowd, I hear people screaming “Chehu!”. “Huuuh Huuuh” I take a deep breathe, in and out. “ I can do this” I say while closing my eyes. As I open my eyes, my group was gone! “Nooo, I lost my group!” Looking for my group, I could hear a voice shouting “Hannah! Over here.” “That voice sounds familiar!?” My head was looking all over the place, I see a hand waving side to side. I quickly ran over and slowly sat down “Ohh. I think I was thinking too much” I say to Porscha. “Its going to be fine. We’re only going to be performing in front of 900 people! And we’re last, so get use to it.”

“GO JORDENNE!!! GO MAO!!!” I screamed out loud. “Girls you are on next” I hear a voice from behind me. As I stood up, I saw a thousand flashlights from the crowd. As I was walking to the stage, all I could hear was “Go Hannah!” “Shot Hannah” “You the man Hannah!”.

When I was waiting to perform, I saw a lot of heads but I just couldn’t see their face’s. “And for performing for us now, is the Cook Island Dance Group!!” “Ahhhhhh! Yaaaay! Go the cookies!” I hear from the crowd. “I’m soooo nervous” I say nervously to Miss Clark. “Its going to be fine darling, it'll be over as soon as you say “Cookie”  

And Guess what? It was over that fast! Well I didn’t actually say “cookie” But our performance felt like 5 seconds! At first I was nervous, but then when I went on stage, I was use to it. I think I just over thought it because there were 3,000 people.

My highlight was performing in front of my family and making them proud. The best performance for this Fia Fia was the Samoan group. I cant wait for next Fia Fia!

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