Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Poly Fest!!! :)

Poly fest is a festival that all colleges around auckland perform Pacific dancing. Poly has been going for a couple of years by now. Whenever I go to the cook island stage, I would always hear the beat of the cook island drums.

Poly Fest is one of the most coolest festivals ever because it has food and it also has dancing everywhere. I really wanted to go this year, because all my friends went. I am really looking forward to poly fest in college!

HannahT signing out- bye!


  1. Hi my name is Sophia and I'm from Taradale primary School and wow she is good at dancing I really like all of your videos.

  2. Hi Hannah I really liked your blog post and your performance and the song that your school chose its really cool to see a school doing that and having the courage to get up on that stage.Thanks Hannah ;)

  3. Hi Hannah and Sophia! Thank you sooo much for commenting on my blog! I really hope you read more ^-^

    Love Hannah