Wednesday, 12 March 2014

FiaFia show!!!!

Fia Fia is coming up and everybody is so existed. This year, I am in the Cook Island group with my friends Porshca and Anamei.We have practice every Thursday of the week, just like all the other cultures. I really wanted to try another culture, but this year was the last year for yr 7's. So I decided to go back to the Cook Island group.

I love the Cook Island group because I have been dancing since I was a little girl.  Now I am all grown up and am used to Cook Island dancing and sometimes help others kids learn how to dance.  Cook Island dancing is really cool because I like the costumes especially the titis which are the big puffy bands that are on your hips.  These help to make it look like you are shaking your hips really fast.

My grandparents are one of the people who will be selling food at our Fia Fia. They are selling donuts $6 a bag or 60cents for one :) Hopefully this year there will be more food and even more people.

Hannah T signing out.

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