Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Making Vanilla Cakes with Poached Apple Filling

On Saturday night at home my mum and I made vanilla cakes with poached apple filling and custard topping. We were baking them for desert. First we made the cake and it was so cool. We put vanilla essences, flour and other stuff into the bowl. As soon as we finished that we put it straight into the mixer. Then we got a little glass bowl and put the mix into the

When that was baking I was pealing some apples. I could smell the fragrance of the cakes, it smelt delicious. When I finished pealing the apples I cut them in halve and took the core out then threw them into the pot. Then the cake was finished, it looked so yummy that I wanted to eat them already! My mum took them out and  As that was cooking my mum got the ingredients for the custard.

I was always checking the apples so I was going back and forth. But then it was done because it was nice and soft. So I took them out and chopped them into 4 pieces. When I finished chopping them, I squashed them into the middle of the cake where I diged a big whole.

As soon as the custard finished my mum drizzled all around the cake. Then for a little presentation we put oranges on the top of the cake.

                                  My favorite part was eating them!

Till next time bloggers! bye

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