Monday, 10 June 2013


Its nearly someone's birthday, guess whose.... MY DAD! He is going to turn 35. He has always been there for me even when I am down. I love my dad and I know he loves me back. He has come to every single netball game that I have played. He spoils me and protects me whenever someone is mean to me. My dad is funny and kind at the same time. I LUV U DAD!

  Did you know?

My dad has a web page with lots more designs. So if click on this link: Behance it will take you straight there.

My dad is a graphic designer and before his new job he used to work at life FM. Here are some of the things he designed.

 This is a colouring book that he designed. He even designed the pages and the packet of colouring pencils!   

 This is also one of the other designs he created for life fm.

 This is my dad. But in words. 
Till next time folks this is Hannah T singing out. Laters.

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