Monday, 10 September 2012

Tommy Kaipai Wilson!

In the morning Miss King told my classroom that their was a special visitor coming to assembly and his name is Tommy Kapai Wilson. He has made heaps of books and he named them Kapai. My favorite book that he had made is the day I met a princess.

Well we were walking into the doors of the hall I saw some pictures on the stage. They were Kapai characters.  When I sat down I saw Tommy kapai! I was so excited. When he was talking he told us 5 lessons. 1 make 10 people smile a day. 2 war and violence is dumb. 3 learn how to forgive. 4 everybody is born with a gift. Last but not least you have to smile.

The thing I liked about Tommy is that is really funny and talented. The thing I learnt about is rich people is not that rich they're just normal people. Just like us!

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