Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Every Thursday mornings we go to basketball. There are these two guys who were teaching us and their names are Tie and Brooklyn.  At our school we have different sports every term to play. This term it was basketball! I love basketball because its kind of like my favourite sport (netball). 

Last week was the last day of basketball. It was so cool because we were playing heaps and heaps of games. We played tunnel ball up and over, relays and shooting games.

My favourite game was one on one. I really enjoyed basketball because I know how to play it now. THANK YOU TIE AND BROOKLYN!!!

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  1. Hey Hannah,

    My name is Amber and I live in the United States. I am in college studying to become a teacher. I can tell that you really love to play basketball and that is great! I can remember when I was in middle school that we use to change sports every term too. I loved playing sports just like you do. Keep it up!