Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dr Ben Carson

Pt England years 5 to 8 went on a trip to the Telstra Clear Events Center to listen to Ben Carson. At first we had no idea who he was but once we got into the stadium we watched a movie of him and learnt that he was surgeon.

He is from America and he was bulled when he was a little boy.When he was a little boy and he was watching T.V his mother wanted for him to go to the library,so he did and he went to the library and he was reading a book about rocks and stuff,then his teacher at school he got a rock and he told the class "What kind of rock is this?"the teacher said,then he said the right answer.I learnt about ow cool reading is and how you can make your dreams come true.


  1. Hi Hannah I like what you said about Ben Carson.
    you are good at writing

    have a good day.
    from Nikki.

  2. Hi Hannah,
    Your classes were very lucky to go and see Mr Ben Carson speak live. What was your favourite part about going on this trip? Keep up the great writing!

    From Miss Lavakula