Sunday, 4 March 2012

At The Cook Islands

This is me posing in front of the camera,in Rarotonga.I had lots of fun and had lots of new stuff to look at, even had new food to eat as well.Have you ever been to the Islands before? 

When I left Rarotonga I was so so so sad because I had been there for 3 weeks. I was just getting use to it and I loved walking around and going to the warf. My favourite part in Rarotonga was meeting people that we are related to.


  1. Hi Hannah.
    I like your photo of you it looks cool I hope you have a great day today, From Alarzae.

  2. Hi Hannah,
    Nice work there.
    I like your photo.
    Did you have fun.
    It sounds like you did.
    Keep up the great work COOK ISLAND GIRL.

    From Aldora