Wednesday, 7 January 2015

#Video Star (I'm A Cat) 😛😝😘💚

During the holidays I was spending as much time with my cousins because they were moving to Sydney Australia. I wanted to make a video star with them on my mums iPad before they went. For those who don't know what a video star is, a video star is an app where you could make a music video with any songs you would to lip sync. It took a day for us to do the whole song, but we got there.  The song that my cousins and I sung to was, I'm a cat. 


  1. Hi Hannah,
    It must have been so cool to spend time with your cousins before they left, also sad to see them go. "Sorry" didn't get to watch the video something went wrong. But that sounded so cool and exciting to play video star. Bye!

  2. Hi Hannah
    I really liked your video star movie of the song I'm a cat.

  3. Hey Guys!

    Thanks For Commenting on my blog! Really enjoyed reading them.

    Love HannahT