Friday, 10 May 2013!

The one the only came to our school! He didn't just come to see us for no reason,he came to our school because he gave us a $100.0000 “CHECK”! gave us the check class items like ipads, iPhone and other stuff.

There were heaps of microphones at the front and a thousand cameras at the back. As he walked threw the door everyone was screaming! We couldn't believe it was the real him! was talking about his life and how he was poor while he was growing up and that he didn't

know his father. There was one thing he said and I really liked it. He said “pick good friends.”


  1. Hi Hannah,
    You have a fun and cool story about Will.I.Am. My Favourite part is your first paragrapher. Keep up the great work.

  2. Nice Post!

    You must really have enjoyed that Assembly! Your paragraphs and photos look amazing. Keep up the great work:)