Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My Pirate Story!

Once there was a Pirate named Pirate Miisii. The reason why her name is Captain Misi is because she is a brat! She is really short and thinks she can sing. But she can’t! She has black teeth and has ugly hair that is pink and yellow. She has coutos and nits and she shows off in front of the boys. She is the only Lady captain in the whole wide world.

Well i am going to tell you how she became a Pirate.

When Pirate Miisii was a real girl like she was clean and she was really pretty and she loved to have fun. She would always say”I wish I were a Pirate!”  

But it all changed one night when she was trying to sleep but the window was opening and closing and then she saw somebody near the window and she was so scared so she slowly put the blanket over her head. but then the light switched on.

As soon as the light switched on she said “ please don't hurt me! please please” and then she heard a voice. “I won't hurt you I promise”. So she slowly took off the blanket off her face and then she saw this fairy and then she said “ I heard that you have a little wish?” “yes i do i do!” she said. “ Well what's your little wish?” “I want to be a pirate” she said quietly. “ I parten?” the fairy said. “ I want to be a pirate!” she said loudly . “ok then” so all you saw was sparkles surrounding her. But then she banished! Then the fairy laughed and then she disappeared!

And that is how pirate miisii became a pirate . And she lived happily ever after! The end

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