Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Oamaru Creek

Walking to Oamaru Creek the sun was shining on me. As I sat down I saw duck poo all over the grass. I went with my home class Rm 17. We had to sketch the things that were in front of us. So I chose my space to sketch. I went to the bridge near the dam.

We each had a partner. So my partner was Farida. We both walked to the bridge. I was on the bridge and she was in the shade.

As I was sketching I felt the wind coming. That was a bad sign. Then my paper flew in my face a million times. I was trying to concentrate on my work  but my paper would not stop hitting me in the face.

Finally the wind stopped but there was only a little bit of time left so I quickly put some trees at the side and ducks in the pond, butterflies on the flowers and tadpoles in the dam on my paper. But the Miss Garden said “TIMES UP!” So I went to Farida and as partners we went to Miss Garden and show her what we have done so far.  

Thanks to Quasia For editing my work!

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  1. Hi Hannah,
    I love the writing you done that I edited. I love it so much that I wanted to see a picture of it. But luckily I saw nothing. But your writing was awesome. Keep it up.

    Yours Sincerely, Quasia.