Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My New Classroom!!! 2012

When i first heard my name called for room 13, I ran to the line of people for my new class and I was so excited. I was running to my new class room, banging against the wall, crashing into people and finally I got there. I wonder what this year is going to be like?

I entered into my brand new class room and there were some people from my old class. Some were from room 12 and some were from the last years room 13.I was so shy to stand up and say something or even put my hand up,but on the second day I wasn't scared. I made some new friends and I was scared to say hi but I did it and I was so proud of myself.

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  1. Hannah - you have made an AMAZING start to school and you are right to be proud of yourself. This blog post even shows me that you have been listening in class to our lessons about effective paragraphs and even how to blog!
    Keep up the fantastic work Hannah.
    Miss K